Platja de les casetes de Garraf

This time I’ll talk about the Beach.

My friends & I went a lot to the beach this summer 15’…. Every week we go to Platja Castelldefels(which I’ll blog next time)…

Summer almost gone so we’re waving goodbye to it by going in “Platja de les casetes de Garraf”, since we always go to the same beach , I was trying to go somewhere new, so I’ve made a research and I found this marvelous place.

Platja de les casetes de Garraf is super beautiful, we went last week and today, today the water’s so cold and it’s a bit cloudy, there’s just 8 persons swimming, but even if it’s cold, my friend and I went swimming for almost 3 hours and everyone was looking at us and they also came to swim.

You can go to Platja de les casetes de Garraf by taking Via 9-10 R2 Vilanova i Geltrú in Sants Train Station and stops at Garraf, Garraf is part of Sitges already, next to it is the famous beach Sitges, it’s just meters away from Garraf. Although Garraf is not recomendable for Summer co’z it’s a small beach which means it’s full during Summer, there’s also a “rent-a-boat” part of the beach, what I love in this beach is it’s surrounded by mountains”  my friends and I decided to visit it in last days of Summer,.

It’s nice, fresh, It looks a bit like Greece co’z the Bungalow’s are white and inside this beach you can find the “Chiringuito de Garraf” which is so perfect for dates, wedding celebration( today we saw a wedding celebration), etc. with fresh & nice views of course and the menu is exquisite and in reasonable price.

Sunset is one of our favorite , it’s breathtaking, you can see it on my photos below, it’s the first time that I sat on a lifesaver seat, the view was beautiful & perfect to make photography.

Here’s the photos, hope you’ll enjoy watching them 🙂

DIve_editado-1 DSC_2230 DSC_2249 DSC_2253 DSC_2254 DSC_2269 DSC_2554 DSC_2559 DSC_2584 DSC_2591 DSC_2593 DSC_2598 DSC_2611 IMG-20150918-WA0020 IMG-20150918-WA0047 IMG-20150918-WA0054


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