Carretera de les Aigües

When I was new here in BCN , since we live in the attic and have a pretty big terrace in our apartment, I’ve used to go to my terrace during afternoons to get some air, and watch the city co’z it’s high enough where I am, luckily I arrived when it was Summer 11′ ,.

In my terrace , I can see the apartments near me, the neighbors, the streets, the trees, cars etc. I can’t see the sea co’z we live in the central of BCN, but at least I can see “Collserola mountain” the largest metropolitan park in the world and “Montjuïc” a touristic small mountain of BCN… Everytime I look at that mountain, somehow it calms me, makes me nostalgic co’z I’m from a province, I used to live in a province where it’s surrounded by high mountains, so whenever I look at that mountain I feel homesick.

When I’ve got an ovarian tumor and had an operation, my teachers came to visit me and we went to my terrace and they love the view co’z they can see Collserola Mountain and Montjüic and can relax sitting there just by looking at the sky and the mountains. I was happy that I could give them that moment for them to contemplate the views of my terrace.

This summer 15′ , whenever my friends & I gathers at my house, we say goodbye to the day in my terrace sitting, chattering with calm music while watching the sunset on Collserola mountain,contemplating the views I have in my terrace. Then my friends and I started to go out a lot this summer, we were between mountains and beach, and sometimes parks, we go to the beach once a day in every week, and we spend the day swimming and enjoying till evening, then I’ve suggested my friends to visit Collserola since I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos in Instagram and Google, it’s perfect for nature lovers, there’s wild pigs that are harmless, birds, owls, etc. and some rich persons have their houses over there, when I’ll finish the Collserola tour, I’ll write a blog about it, it’s so big that you can’t finish it in a week walking.

On our last day of vacation, I’ve suggested that we go to “Carretera de les Aigües”, it’s a route for bikers and joggers and with  beautiful Barcelona views, fresh air, pure green and ground,.  There were joggers with their dogs, families, bikers when we went there, we made long walk to reach the viewpoint of Carretera de les Aigües, at last we arrived, but the way isn’t finished yet, we still have a long way to go, we sat by for a moment and watched the beautiful views of Barcelona, I was surprised too, we saw a house that looks so familiar to me, and I remembered it’s the house that I always  see in my terrace and I was like “OMG! I arrived here, I didn’t know it was here, I always see this place on my terrace” and my friends were surprised too, then we realized that we’re very far from the city and we were filled of joy,. It took me 4 YEARS to step the place that I’m always looking in my terrace everyday.

But the sun was setting down already so we had to go home, we walked back till we reacged the cable car station that takes us to the city and went home, we still have a long way to go co’z it’s very big and we still have to visit every part of it.,

Here’s some photos I made in “Carretera de les Aigües” and the view I always see from my terrace.

11986574_619069971529127_546164137648894525_n C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8  C10 C11 C12 C13 C14 C15 C16 CA1 IMG_20150527_210148


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