Bunkers del Carmel

Now, I’m going to blog about “Bunkers del Carmel” , it’s a touristic place of Barcelona but not well-known, it’s just having it’s fame lately during last year and this year, this viewpoint of Barcelona was a antiaircraft battery of the Spanish Civil War ( That’s what I read in the internet),…

When I saw the advert in the projection during Barcelona’s Harley day, they’ve highlighted the place and ask my friend if she knows about it, and she told me yes and a week after that we went to visit it, it’s very beautiful,.. not so high as Tibidabo & Collserola but high enought to view the whole city of BCN included the other side of BCN that you can’t see in Tibidabo or Collserola,… I first went there last July, it was hot so we decided to go at 7pm, at first we stopped in the wrong bus stop, we needed to walk 15 mins to arrive there, without knowing that the bus we took V17 will lead you directly to Bunkers del Carmel on it’s last stop.

It was beautiful, breathtaking, surrounded by mountains,including the hill of “EL Carmel” , fresh air, and of course the city, when you look at the view it seeems a 3D or a painting, you just couldn’t believe it that you’re looking at it naturally with no edits, …

On the first time we couldn’t stayed till it gets dark, we needed to go home co’z one of my friends have a date, so needed to leave early.

Last week I went there with a friend co’z I feel excited about seeing the city during the night, you know? Sightseeing the city lights.. Since autumn is about to come, then by the time 8pm it’s dark already, the city lights began to open , the houses, the streets, cars, lightstreaks ,everything,… it was spectacular, it was beautiful, it was amazing to be able to watch it from high viewpoint,…

When you visit BCN you should visit Bunkers del Carmel especially if you’re lovers,…. you’ll enjoy the view-,

Here are some pics I have in  Bunkers del Carmel during the day & night.!

Hope you’ll like it 🙂 ♥

DSC_0251 DSC_0254 DSC_0256   DSC_0267 DSC_0268 DSC_0280 DSC_0318 DSC_2047 DSC_2055 DSC_2069 DSC_2087 DSC_2096 IMG-20150706-WA0025 IMG-20150706-WA0028


2 thoughts on “Bunkers del Carmel

  1. Està genial, m’encanta. Esculls llocs increïbles i 100% recomenables, a veure si podem fer que la gent descobreixi aquest blog perquè val la pena si vols fer turisme!!


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